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watching Sam and Dean working cases in s1 makes me laugh because they’re suited up and they’re like “yes hello we’re trained professionals….we have credentials or whatever……… us” 

and then you look at them and they’re these two fresh-faced pretty boys with suspiciously styled hair and ugly ties and a tendency to stand too close to each other 

like ok kids 

run along to mommy 

It’s hard to run up walls.



Victims of Brutal Joy Killing Had Come Looking for Work

The two Navajo men murdered July 19 in Albuquerque were homeless only when they were in the city.
Kee Thompson and Allison Gorman, who were beaten to death with cinder blocks while they slept on a mattress in an open field, had homes on the Navajo Nation, said Mary Garcia, executive director of the Albuquerque Indian Center. Although their individual circumstances varied, both men left those homes in search of other lives and instead found themselves living on the streets of New Mexico’s largest city.

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